Required Documents (Purchase)

Transaction Summary

  • Online Loan Application
  • Executive Summary
  • Estimated Use Of Proceeds (How the proceeds will be used)
  • Purchase Agreement (PSA Signed And Executed)
  • Photos Of Property
  • Pro Forma Projections with Assumptions (In absence of financials)

Borrower/Buyer Information

  • Personal Financial Statement (Dated within 30 days for all who own 20% or more)
  • Resume
  • Last Three Years Personal Federal Tax Returns (for all who own 20% or more)
  • Last Three Years Corporate Federal Tax Returns (for all who own interest in affiliate companies more than 20%)
  • Last Three Months Bank Statement (Or show source of equity infusion)
  • Copy of drivers license, social security card or passport and green card (front and back)
  • Personal Income And Expense Analysis (for all who 20% or more)

Seller Information

  • Last Three Years Corporate Tax Returns (Or audited financials)
  • Last Three Years Corporate Profit / Loss Statements
  • Year-To-Date Corporate Financial Statements (incoe statement & balance sheet)
  • List of assets/equipment to be purchased

To pre-qualify for financing, download the following forms and provide the following information:

  1. 2011 Year End Business Financials (Corporate Tax Returns)
  2. 2012 Year-To-Date Business Financials




















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